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About Us

Meme Queen Designs offers a unique selection of items that customers will not find anywhere else. The Company's mission is to provide customers with access to the funniest novelty products that are both creative and one of kind. Customers can browse through various Collections ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, hand bags, and jewelry, to home decor items such as pillows, door mats, blankets and. Every product is carefully designed by the Meme Queen herself!

The website offers curated collections for special occasions such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Back To School and more!  Customers who browse these collections are guaranteed to find something special for their spouse, best friend, favorite aunt, and even for that prickly ex-wife or obnoxious ex-husband! There’s something for everyone at Meme Queen Designs.

Meme Queen Designs makes it easy to shop conveniently from home for quality and unique designed products at an affordable price!  Free shipping is offered on qualifying orders and a wide range of secure payment options are available for shopping convenience. Our customer service specialists are dedicated to ensuring a positive shopping experience at Meme Queen Designs.

Meme Queen Designs was founded in 2023 by a fabulously funny, but tragically bored finance manager who spent more time making memes on the company lap top than doing actual paid work.  One day while crafting a particular funny meme involving orangutangs and nipple pasties, she wondered if there was a way to turn her skills into cash so she could  start living her best life. It took 8 months of meticulous procrastination, expensive trial and error, and copious amounts of swearing and crying, but finally Meme Queen Designs was born! ...aaaand you're welcome!