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Delivery & Shipping

When will I get my stuff?

If you live in Canada or the USA,  we aim to dispatch all orders within 1-3 business days (5-7 days for custom order T-shirts and Hoodies). We send everything using Canada Post Ground or Air, with a tracking code, which may take up to 14 days to arrive at your door depending on your location.  

Please allow 14 days for delivery before hitting the panic button.  We will not respond to tracking inquiries less than 14 days from the order date. 

What if I live outside Canada or USA?

International shipping times can vary, but with our international and express shipping partnerships (FedEx, Purolator, DHL), expect 7-10 business days on average in addition to dispatch / handling times (1-3 days)

European Union 14 day cooling off period

If you are a member of the European Union, we there will be a 14 day holding period on your order. This is because, in your country, you have the right to cancel or return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification.  Since we do not accept returns, we would be forced to issue you a refund after we have already shipped your product. If you would like to wave your right to the 14 day cooling period and expedite your order please contact us

Customs is asking me to pay to have my parcel released! HELP!

Every country has their own excise tax and import fees structure. Some companies charge you directly on  your order for these fees, then pay them to the local governments. Companies like Walmart and Amazon, that can afford to pay for their own in house Customs brokers and agents who facilitate your order at the boarder.  We are just one lady working out of her living room trying to escape the corporate world and build a thriving little business in the midst of an economic post-Covid downturn. I hope you understand that I cannot offer this service to you.

We are not responsible for paying any customs fees or import taxes for the Country you live in. Please look into any potential extra fees when purchasing products from us. It varies by Country, so please be sure to check the relevant government website for your country. 

Customs have my stuff! What do I do?

Customs can occasionally interfere! Sometimes products can get held at your local Customs and it may take a few days for customs to check your package and release it. Sometimes they don't release it at all if they've deemed it to be contraband, illegal, or restricted goods. We can't possibly presume to know what is restricted in every country on the planet. It is the responsibility of the buyer to understand their country's import policy and not order stuff that will get confiscated. We do not issue refunds if your order is confiscated. This is out of our control and we cannot be held liable for any customs delays.

What happens if I cancel my order before it is shipped? 

We understand that sometimes a change of mind happens. Be advised, there is a 10% cancellation fee to cover our costs such as lost merchant fees that are non refundable to us. We still get charged for the transaction both by the Merchant who is hosting this store, and the credit card company you used to pay us.  We need to hold back these fees so we are not out of pocket due to your change of mind. BUT we try to make it right for you! Use discount code"REFUND10%" o to receive a 10% discount on your next order.

WHOOPS. I put in the wrong address, can you send me another item?

Yes, we can send you another item no problem, just not for free unfortunately, You must  provide the correct shipping address when ordering from us. We cannot take responsibility for items that have not arrived to you due to us being given incorrect delivery details and sent to China instead of the USA, or sent to 11 Brock Road instead of 111 Brock Road. 

Such items may be returned to us due to invalid address and we get charged a return fee by the carrier which we must pay to receive the item. Therefore, any returned item due to invalid address will incur a $9.99 return fee which will be added to the cost of redelivering your parcel.

If the item is not returned to us,  and John Smith from 111 Brock Road is now enjoying your hilarious 'Boobie Mug', well there's not much we can do about that, you'll have to order a new mug.. but this time put the right address!

I am buying a gift for someone and I need it urgently, what do I do?

All our products are 'print on demand', so the delivery dates are set by the Printer company and the Shipping carrier. The best we can do is offer express service which is offered on all orders as you check out.